The South Dade Skiff 16

The South Dade Skiff 16 is designed to be the ultimate shallow water boat while still being capable of crossing larger bodies of water with ease. Featuring a 5° deadrise for added stability and a 36” wide transom with a 50” front deck, this skiff ensures a smooth ride. Designed to be powered by a 20 hp engine, it offers a low-cost entry to the water without compromising on quality.

What Does It Cost?

The Specs

Length: 16′
Beam: 50″
Hull Weight: 300 lbs.
Rigged Weight: 430 lbs. (with Mercury 20 HP Tiller)

Capacity: 2 People or 250 lbs.
Max HP: 20 HP
Draft: 5″

The South Dade Difference

Our boats are meticulously crafted with a hand-laid skin coat using 100% VE resin and feature a full Coosa transom. Utilizing Divinycell foam throughout the core, we integrate the transom, hull core, stringers, and bulkheads in a single infusion, creating a chemically bonded, lightweight structure of exceptional strength. Secondary bonds, reinforced with 100% VE resin, and strategically placed carbon fiber reinforcements further enhance durability and performance across all our models.

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